Psychology Based Marketing

Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI!  If 90% of all our thoughts are unconscious, why do we market to the other 10%?  Neuromarketers, psychologists and behavioral experts have found that most of what we do is driven by our unconscious mind that makes rapid judgments about marketing messages and dictates immediately how the conscious mind should “behave.” If the unconscious mind feels at ease, and senses the message will help achieve the fundamentals of human happiness, then the conscious mind is engaged, messages read and more likely to be acted upon. Preparing the unconscious mind for better marketing and brand engagement is critical today more than ever. Consumers’ minds have never been more distracted with all the “smart” technology to which we are obsessively By Jeanette McMurtry, Author, Consultant, and Principal of e4marketing See the complete guide here  Psychology Based Marketing

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