• What Canadian consumers and businesses think about Direct Mail

    Canadians Welcome Mail

    Reading mail continues to be part of every Canadian’s daily routine:

    • 95% of Canadians (93% in 2007) usually read their mail the same day it arrives: 68% read it as soon as it’s received, while another 27% review it later on that same day.

    Source: Consumer Attitudes to Direct Mail and Traditional Media, May 2010, CP 09-210. Continue Reading

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  • The Auto Triple Spinner – See It In Action

    Get the word on our super cool Auto Triple Spinner™. This patented Auto Spinner™ is a highly flexible, automatable design. It can be used vertically or horizontally with one, two or three rotating windows.

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  • Advertising execs make a case for integrated marketing

    In the latest issue of PM 360, a pair of high-ranking healthcare advertising professionals advocate for multichannel marketing, a strategy that involves combining multiple mediums into a promotional campaign. In the opinion of Ken Mueller and David Zaritsky, the most effective healthcare marketing includes online and analog platforms that work together to convey the brand’s message to potential customers.

    This article from PM360 was posted 10/09/2012 on the MedTera™ website. Continue Reading

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  • Curiosity creates response for marketers

    When it comes to direct mail, you can’t underestimate the element of surprise. And there’s no better or more engaging surprise than that of dimensional and interactive mail, which never fails to intrigue active imaginations.

    Who doesn’t want to open a box or unusual envelope addressed to us from someone we don’t know? Curiosity takes hold and we want to see what this unusual mailer is all about. Once opened, recipients usually spend more time with this type of mail than with traditional flat mail ensuring it makes a memorable impression and boosting long-term brand recognition and image.

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  • Direct Mail Still Has Impact in Digital World

    Direct mail has greater impact and leaves a deeper impression on the brain than digital mail.

    As more and more marketing dollars are funneled into digital and social media, and as postal rates continue to climb, direct mail marketing has been getting less and less attention. While there is definitely a case to be made for building a multichannel communication plan integrating a number of different channels to reach customers, recent research indicates that direct mail should still be part of the mix.

    A study entitled, Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail conducted by the research company Millward Brown found that direct mail actually leaves a deeper impression on the human brain than its digital counterpart. The research project used functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery (fMRI) brain scans to show that our brains process paper-based and digital marketing differently and that direct mail actually created a greater emotional impression than digital communications. Continue Reading

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  • Achieving Success Through Integration

    Tips to make your landing pages work well with your direct mail

    Posted by Nick Loeser on Tue, Dec 21, 2010 – The Structural Graphics Blog

    Though our core business is primarily high-impact print solutions, we are always encouraging our clients to think “integrated” with their campaigns. Effective campaigns require several components to work in harmony to produce the best possible results. The two major areas of focus are the direct mailer and the landing page. The landing page acts as the lead repository for your campaign. In most cases, your prospects will have their last interaction with your campaign on the landing page, so you need to pay extra special attention to its design and execution. Continue Reading

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  • New Strategic Alliance

    MedTera™ and Information Packaging Partner to Expand State-of-the-Art Healthcare Marketing Solutions in the U.S. and Canada

    NEW YORK – Oct. 6, 2010 – MedTera™, an integrated marketing solutions company dedicated to improving education, promotion and communications in the healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, today announced its partnership with Information Packaging, Canada’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-impact dimensional marketing solutions. Through this partnership, the companies benefit from the exclusive use of their respective, patented marketing solutions to further improve and fulfill their customers’ needs in the U.S. and Canada. Continue Reading

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  • New Webkey Technology

    Innovation Reviews – The Chronicle of Healthcare Marketing, September 30, 2010
    A review of innovation in pharmaceutical marketing

    Webkey packaging another angle for marketers
    Default browser on web key makes the customer’s visit to your URL quicker and easier, proponents say

    By Andrew Senior,

    October 2, 2010 • News • Views: 5212

  • The Latest in DM Technology

    Sorted Magazine, Canada Post Corparation, 2010 Issue

    You want your direct mail to delight, surprise, embolden, illuminate… in effect, you want it to create powerful emotional responses. Well, DM dimensional and technological innovations are getting better and better (i.e., more reliable and affordable) at titillating our five senses. The next time you’re dreaming up new creative, consider these cool possibilities, explained by Mike Maguire, CEO of Structural Graphics in Essex, Conn. (Toronto based alliance partner is Information Packaging. Continue Reading

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  • Making Direct Mail and E-mail Work Together

    Response increases across the board when direct mail and e-mail are combined in a multichannel campaign.

    First impressions mean everything, especially in business marketing, but they have to be sustained. Your message should be reinforced – many times, and in multiple channels – until the decision maker you want to influence sees you as a recognizable brand. Elite sales and marketing executives share a common trait: their ability to identify how prospects want to do business, then customize their sales pitch to reflect those preferences. Continue Reading

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