Myth Busted: How Direct Mail Can Actually Enrich the Digital Customer Journey

Direct Mail Enriches the Customer Experience
E-commerce marketers are increasingly seeing the value of direct mail as part of their integrated mix and, in 2014, direct mail spending rose. Why this surprising trend?
Mail has the unique dimension of ‘shareability’ that enables BtoB and BtoC buyers to easily share and discuss direct mail with business colleagues or family members as part of the decision making process. Per a representative quote from the research, “The mailer makes it easier to discuss the offer with business associates or family, versus merely forwarding an email or the bother of printing out an email or attachments”. (Per ERDM VoC research)
Using direct mail as a part of a multi-faceted campaign gives recipients multiple opportunities to engage, but for the History Channel it also provided recipients a valued collectable.

Ernan Roman
President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing Corp.

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