Information Packaging Design Wins Big at CMA

Centre-Pop Design Wins INCITE AWARD at CMA Awards

Shell’s positive partnership with the AIR MILES® Brand helps encourage drivers to fuel up at their gas stations. Shell sought to leverage that partnership, and boost sales, with a playful, attention-grabbing campaign emphasizing the benefits of loyalty while tapping into the universal appeal of relaxing getaways.


Shell wanted a message that that would resonate more deeply and last for a longer time than those of their competitors. With the frustrations of winter driving in mind, their creative direct mail piece was a foldable Hula Girl car dashboard decoration that would pop up and invite motorists to collect reward points toward a sunny getaway. The Hula Girl gained additional attention when it was featured by the YouTube channel Foldfactory as a ‘Fold of the Week.’ The direct mailing was followed up by an e-mail reminder, and participating customers were urged to track their progress toward rewards.


The campaign was considered a success, with more than 28 percent of recipients responding, a seven digit incremental volume increase, and an average volume lift of three percent compared to a control group. Shell was so pleased by the results it got combining direct mail with email that the practice has become a frequent tactic in subsequent campaigns.


These three-award winning campaigns combined creative thinking with careful planning and immaculate execution, generating offers that struck a chord with their recipients. Putting physical and digital elements together  proved to be a winning formula for each brand.

Source: 2018 Canada Post Corporation


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