How direct mail combines the intimacy of ritual, the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance to send a signal that resonates.

The amount of content consumers see every day is overwhelming. The only way brands can break through this noise is to differentiate. In this quest for differentiation, does the type of advertising channel affect how your message is received? Or remembered?

To understand how direct mail can help them break through this noise, Canada Post commissioned a major ethnographic study that explored how it factors into the lives of today’s consumers and thereby influences the purchase journey.

Through this study, and reinforced by a series of additional Canadian consumer surveys and global research into the topic, they found that by combining the intimacy of ritual, the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance, direct mail can mean the difference between contributing to the noise and breaking through it. It helps brands stand out (consumers are far more likely to notice, open and read it); trigger emotional responses (consumers tend to experience it in a mindset that makes them more open to inspiration from brands); generate a lasting effect (consumers often keep it, display it in highly visible areas of the home and share it with others); and, perhaps most importantly, influence consumer behaviour (consumers are more likely to action it than digital advertising).

 Canada Post Corporation | Breaking Through the Noise – June 30, 2015

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