Google Uses Direct Mail to Help Drive Internet Marketing

There are reasons why a company that controls nearly 70% of internet traffic still sends direct mail.

Based on newly released statistics from InternetWorldStats there are currently 2,095,006,005 people in the world who are considered internet users and according to Experian 67% of those users perform their searches through Google. One would imagine that with 1,403,654,023 people using Google they would not need direct mail to help advertise their services, but that person would be wrong. In this article AccurateLeads will tells why many massively profitable companies who have tremendous amounts of internet traffic use physical mail to grow audiences and drive internet marketing.

  • Internet marketing is so exhausted that it causes businesses to drown out each other with competition.
  • One audience is more receptive to e-mail and PPC while there is a whole different group that responds to physical mail that can be held in their hands.
  • Social Media is another internet marketing avenue that direct mail helps drive.
  • The fastest growing group of social media fiends is baby boomers. This is also one of the groups that are the least receptive to email blasting and other virtual advertisements.

Atlanta, Georgia August 26, 2011
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