Emails Still Fail to Reach Consumers’ Inboxes

CMA Weekly Watching Brief – February 5, 2010
Nearly 20% of email campaign messages fail to deliver: Research

Despite minor improvements, about 1-in-5 commercial, permission-based emails still fail to reach consumers’ inboxes, according to new research from Return Path. In the second half of 2009, 19.9% such emails never reached consumer inboxes in Canada and the U.S. — representing only a slight improvement over the first half of the year when 20.7% such emails missed their target. By contrast, European inbox placement rates fared markedly better with just 15% of permission-based emails never reaching consumer inboxes. In the U.S. and Canada, 3.5% of commercial, permission-based emails were delivered to a “junk” or “bulk” email folder, while 16.3% were missing or not delivered at all — with no hard bounce message or other notification of non-delivery. Source: OnlineMediaDaily. For the complete article, visit CMA Weekly Watching Brief .

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