• Auto Split Screen SliderTM with Coupon

    Stouffers used our Auto Split Screen Slider™ to show a “before” and “after” effect, and deliver a coupon fast. Eliminating hand-assembly, 1000,000 were produced economically in just 7 days.

  • Rolling Cube Mailer

    Essilor used our High-Impact Rolling Cube as a mailer to drive recipients to their Essilor Edge Sweepstakes website site. They received 1,748 entries, a 23.6% response!

  • Magic Window Mailer

    Experian used our Magic Window mailer to dramatically tell their story. The transformation method has also been used effectively in interactive presentation kits and sales aids.

  • 7" Video / Photobook Tent Stand

    Use our 7" Video Tent-Stand to dramatically display your message on a countertop or at point-of-sale to demonstrate your story to your captive audience.

  • Telescopic Sales Aid

    Our 3-panel Telescopic Sales Aid was the ideal vehicle to graphically tell the story for Patient Pathway for CRC. Pull the right hand tab and three panels telescope out from the cover.

We are the Canadian leaders in the design and manufacture of high-impact dimensional, interactive and digital print communication solutions. For over twenty years our proven solutions have been used by marketers to successfully break through, grab attention and generate desired results. This site offers you hundreds of design ideas to achieve your next success story.

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