• Shell Auto Spinner™ Mailer

    Our patented Auto Spinner™ was the ideal direct mail vehicle for Shell to used an exclusive 250 Air Miles bonus offer to BMO MasterCard Cardholders, The benefits of automation include quick turn around and great value on larger volume projects.

  • FedEx Auto Telescopic Mailer

    With a simple pull the two panels hidden inside the Auto Telescope pop out to deliver your complete message. It can be used with or without a cover window and is an excellent medium to deliver a perf-off coupon.

  • Asbury University Pop Up Cube Mailer

    Asbury University chose our Pop-Up Cube design to send information about its school to prospective students. This mailer ships flat in a zipper envelope. When opened a cube immediately pops out from the inside to deliver the message.

  • CIBC Jackknife WebKey Folder

    Used as a mailer or as a sales-aid, our Jackknife WebKey Folder is an effective solution, integrating our interactive print with our USB WebKey technology. When the folder is opened a panel holding the WebKey folds out presenting the Webkey devise to the reader.

  • Novus Multi-Pull Reference Guide

    Novus used this reference guide to demonstrate how Novus is working to face the poultry industry's biggest challenges. This comprehensive reference guide featured multiple tabs that pull out and lock to reveal different information in an organized way.

We are the Canadian leaders in the design and manufacture of high-impact dimensional, interactive and digital print communication solutions. For over twenty years our proven solutions have been used by marketers to successfully break through, grab attention and generate desired results. This site offers you hundreds of design ideas to achieve your next success story.

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